Learn Everything About Modern Music Production

An Online Academy

It is true that music production is a journey and there are always new things to learn. But, no need to worry. We do our best to make that journey easier and more fun. Mercurial Tones Academy offers comprehensive list of courses from beginner level introductiory courses to advanced level masterclasses. Each class is carefully designed to cover each and every important aspect of targeted topic. In addition, each class comes with its own set-of carefully selected samples, presets, example project files and visual documents (posters, charts etc.) to make learning experience more interactive.


  • Cutting edge educational content

    Every course is made by paying close attention to each detail in the course topic. We will make complicated topics easy by applying the different concepts in real time from scratch and showing examples from professional tracks at the same time.

  • Carefully designed course materials

    Each course comes with its own set of professionaly crafted course materials to supply you with everything you need. These materials includes, samples, presets, midi files, posters, cheat -sheets, project files, charts and so on. Everything is prepared for a flawless learning experience.

  • Tailor made content for each level and niche

    We are expanding our course list to each different topic to create courses that fits exactly what you need. You can pick the topics you need to study on and create your own bundle of courses that would help you most.


  • What do I get by purchasing the course?

    By enrolling to Mercurial Tones courses, you will get tailor made lectures on the topic that you are interested to learn more. Each course comes with its own set of materials such as preset packs, sample packs, posters, project files, templates and so on. In addition to that, our courses are updated based on the feedback that we get from students. Therefore, you will get lifetime updates once you enroll a course.

  • Why should I choose Mercurial Tones Academy?

    The courses on Mercurial Tones are taught by Yalcin Efe. She has a unique style of explaining complicated topic easily by showing examples and applying it in real time. Moreover, we have been creating comprehensive course material to make the learning experience leading edge and flawless.

  • Will I get future updates if I purchase the course now?

    Yes, of course! We will be continiously adding new chapters in our courses as music production always evolves. Purchasing now is probably the best option as the price may go up in the future due to addition of new materials and chapters.

  • Are samples/presets royalty free? Can I use them in my projects?

    Presets and samples you get during this course is royalty free and you are free to use any material that you get during the course in your future production. In fact, we encourage you to use them as much as possible, as we can guaranty the pristine sonic quality.