Learn how a professional peak-time techno track is created and understand techno music theory behind it.

No corners are cut

"Peak-time Techno: Production and Theory" course contains both theoretical and hands-on knowledge about peak-time techno music production. The course will start with important concepts in techno music theory; such as techno rumble low end, high end, scales, chords and melodies, percussions and FX. And then, our course instructor; Alice will be taking you a full production session. In it, she will be ripping apart and deconstructing her track "Unsettle" which was also featured by Spotify as a cover on Electronic Rising playlist and supported by biggest DJs in the genre. Therefore, you will get the chance to see how a professional peak-time techno track is created and made release ready.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • What is Inside?

    • How to Use This Course

  2. 02
    • Why should care about music theory?

  3. 03
    • Classic Reverb Rumble Low End

    • Classic Delay Low End

    • Classic Percussive Low End

    • Taking Your Rumble to Next Level

    • Coloring and Enriching Rumble: Anatomy of a Kick Drum

    • Coloring and Enriching Your Rumble: Hybrid Rumble

    • Coloring and Enriching Your Rumble: Ambiance Creation

    • Coloring and Enriching Your Rumble: Low End Percussions

    • Referencing Your Low End

  4. 04
    • Off Hats

    • HiHat Accentuation

    • 16 Hats

    • Shakers and High Percussions

    • Cymbals

    • High End - Buss Processing

    • New York High End Compression

  5. 05
    • Ghost percussions

    • Strong Percussions

    • Weak Percussions

    • Feel Percussions

    • Horns

    • Fx and Transitions

  6. 06
    • Techno Scales

    • Techno Chord Progressions

    • Techno Melodies and How Repetition Legitimizes

  7. 07
    • Unsettle - Track to Be Deconstructed

    • You Can Download the Full Project and Bonus Presets and Samples Here

  8. 08
    • Kick Drum

    • Rumble Bass

    • Rolling Bass

    • Reese Bass

  9. 09
    • 16th Hats

    • 16th Percussions

    • Off Hat

    • Cymbals

  10. 10
    • Warm Stabs

    • Acid Horns

    • Fm and Dark Stabs

    • Claps

    • Growls

  11. 11
    • Main Hook

    • Secondary Hook

  12. 12
    • Arrangement - Pt.1

    • Arrangement - Pt.2

  13. 13
    • Mixing - Pt.1

    • Mixing - Pt.2

    • Mixing - Pt.3

  14. 14
    • Download the Mastering Rack and Project Here

    • Mastering for Peak-time Techno

    • Audio Correction and Pre-Coloring

    • Dynamics Control

    • AI Stage

    • Limiting

Bonus course materials

In addition, you will get all these extra course materials once you purchase the course

  • Sample & preset packs

    We have prepared special sample and preset packs for you to go along with the course. These include 71 Xfer Serum presets and 200 peak-time techno samples.

  • Posters and cheat sheets

    Everything is easier when you have right visualizations and quick look-up examples. You will receive professionally designed posters and cheat-sheets to help you keep inspired even after the completion of the course.

  • Project files

    During the course, you will get project files that you can download and practice music production on you own.

Peak-time Techno: Production and Theory

Improve and get serious with your production skills


  • Who is my course instructor?

    Your course instructor will be Alice Yalcin Efe. Many people know Yalcin from Youtube channel youtube/c/YalcinEfe. Alice has been releasing music for many years under alias "biskuwi", and placed continiously Top 3 charts on Beatport. In addition, Alice's tracks has gotten editorial support from Spotify playlists such as Electronic Rising, Techno Bunker, LowKey Tech, Truly deeply House and so on.

  • What do I need to follow the course?

    The course instructor Alice will be using Ableton Live during the training. However, you will be still able to follow it with any DAW. As the techniques shown in the course are universal and can be applied in any DAW.

  • Which plugins do I need to use?

    The course instructor, Alice, prefers to use mostly Ableton stock plugins. However, there are some additional plugins that is needed during the track breakdown as Ableton does not have some of the functionality with stock plugins. The most common ones are; FabFilter Pro Q3 for dynamic EQing, Soothe 2 for resonance supression, UAD Pultec for passive EQ, Fabfilter Pro MB for surgical multiband compression extra distortion plugins for specific tonality and so on. Moreover, some extra vst synthesizers such U-He Hive 2 and Diva, Arturia Pigments and V collection, NI Kontakt and Xfer Serum will be used as well.

  • Are samples/presets royalty free? Can I use them in my projects?

    Apart from Alice's own track and project file; "Unsettle" that is deconstructed in the course, everything is royalty free and you are free to use any material that you get during the course in your future production. In fact, we encourage you to use them as much as possible, as we can guaranty the pristine sonic quality of our materials.

  • Will I get future updates if I purchase the course now?

    Yes, of course! We will be continiously adding new chapters in the course as music production always evolves. If there are new low end types, or if there is a question that many students wonder; it will be added as a new chapter. Therefore, this course will be ever living content. Purchasing now is probably the best option as the price may go up in the future due to addition of new materials and chapters.